EVE'S Hybrid Sun Gel Sunscreen SPF50+

EVE'S Hybrid Sun Gel Sunscreen SPF50+

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EVE'S HYBRID SUN GEL SPF50+ PA++++ Sun Gel Eve sunscreen, lightweight, invisible. Sun protection product, light gel texture, not sticky, SPF50+ PA++++ protects the skin from UVA / UVB light and blue light with innovation.

Skin-mimicking film formulation helps protect the skin from pollution. Ready to add moisture to the skin for a long time. Does not cause blockage which is the late stage of acne Protected from paints and perfumes

• Light, comfortable on the skin, easy to spread, quickly absorbed, not sticky. • Gentle, non-clogging, suitable for people with acne and sensitive skin.

• Hybrid innovation, lightweight texture but highly effective UVA/UVB protection.

• Has UFS Technology to help capture and kills bacteria that causes acne.

• Prevent blue light from computer screens. mobile phone

• Innovative Skin-mimicking film formation helps protect the skin from pollution. • Helps fight free radicals. Protect skin cells

• Protects the skin from premature aging (premature aging). Hybrid AE : Hybrid AE innovation is a mixture of 30% avobenzone (UVA) and 15% ethyltriaxone (UVB) with encapsulation technology. (encapsulation) Avobenzone in a 5 micron PMMA polymer microsphere, which protects Avobenzone, making the sunscreen lightweight.